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On the Way to the NBA Finals Game 7 – Running Out of Gas

You may remember the story I told in Chapter 1 of God Has an App for That of the time my friend Patrick and I were driving down to a major sporting event and his car ran out of gas. Here is a video he shot of me standing on the side of the freeway among the weeds and briars, along with his car and roadside assistance:

NBA Finals NBA Finals NBA Finals NBA Finals NBA Finals NBA Finals NBA Finals
Drizzy the dog

In Chapter 3 of God Has an App for That, I told you about Drizzy—my son's dog who exemplifies God's app to break down the walls that divide. This pup lovingly and enthusiastically greets every person who visits our home, regardless of their race, age, ethnicity or socioeconomic status. We caught Drizzy's infamous greeting on tape:

Larry BryantLarry Bryant's song, "Shopping List."

When I was preparing for ministry at Ozark Christian College, I spent a lot of time with a good friend of mine named Larry Bryant, who was a gifted songwriter. As mentioned in Chapter 6 of God Has an App for That, Larry wrote a tongue-in-cheek song about this very issue, capturing how ridiculous it is when we choose to pray selfishly:

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Lord, I need to talk to You 
There’s so much on my heart
So many burdens make it hard 
to know just where to start.

Thank You for Your family 
Your mercy and Your love
Now on to more important things 
I’ll give my magic lamp a rub:

Give me this, I want that 
Bless me, Lord, I pray
Grant me what I think I need 
to make it through the day.

Make me wealthy, 
Keep me healthy, 
Fill in what I missed 
on my never-ending shopping list.

Lord, You’ve been so good to me 
How could I ask for more?
But since You said to ask, I will 
’cause what else is prayer for?

The cattle on a thousand hills 
They all belong to You.
I don’t need any cows right now 
But something else might do.

I want a nice white smile on a perfect face
and perfect hair that will stay in place.
I want a smaller nose and a single chin
and a figure like a perfect ten
And a mom that never yells or screams 
and hips that fit in designer jeans

And a tennis court and a heated pool 
I could use them, Lord, as a witnessing tool.
And a color TV and a VCR 
and Jesus plates on a brand new car.

For more about Larry Bryant go to

Hailey Garland

Thirteen surgeries is a staggering number of medical procedures in one’s lifetime, especially considering that Hailey Garland is only 15 years old. Born with neurofibromatosis, a genetically inherited disorder in which the nerve tissue grows tumors throughout the body, this young girl has already had one surgery on her brain, four on her back, four on her throat, and three on her stomach. She has two titanium rods in her spine, with 55 screws.

I mentioned in Chapter 8 that, barring a divine miracle, Hailey will most likely have to endure many more hospital visits and tests as her physicians diligently work to keep the tumors at bay. It is tough to fathom how someone could be so familiar with affliction at such a young age. Watch the video below to hear Hailey explain why her faith in God remains strong despite these intense difficulties:

Ruben's Tattoo

In Chapter 8 of God Has an App for That, I share about a man named Ruben who attends our church and has a unique tattoo on the back of his head. Here is the photo I promised:
Ruben's Tattoo