Many grew up never understanding the connection of their faith to everyday life. Sunday seemed completely irrelevant to Monday. This powerful book shows the life-change that takes place when Scripture is applied. God Has an App for That both encourages and challenges readers to live out God’s Word. Dudley skillfully combines biblical information with practical application, which I believe will cause the reader to experience lasting transformation.
Kyle Idleman
Teaching Pastor, Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, Kentucky (

God Has an App for That provides real world wisdom and meaning in the midst of the high-speed digital age in which we live. It is a must-read for anyone who desires to grow in the Christian faith. This book will help you find God’s perfect app for just about any obstacle you may be facing today!
Scott Brooks
Head Coach, Oklahoma City Thunder (

James has always been one of my favorite authors in the Bible because he doesn’t just ask, “So what?” but he says, “Now what?” Dudley Rutherford gets that, and in this book he will help you to get it too. Take God Has an App for That out for a test drive. You are apt to be blessed!
Rick Atchley
The Hills Church of Christ, North Richland Hills, Texas (

There is something very special about the way Dudley relays a message. It just makes sense. I read this book during a two-hour drive to Barstow, and I couldn't put it down. It is a must-read for Generation X and Y, who undoubtedly are searching for spiritual answers in this advanced and ever-changing world.
Patrick Bet-David
Founder, People Helping People Financial Services, Los Angeles, California

In a culture in which a myriad of technological tools claim to make one’s life easier, this book successfully proves that the Word of God is the true source of relevant answers for today's believer. With the same ease that one would download an app to a SmartPhone, Dudley Rutherford guides the reader through practical and biblical steps to achieving victory in many areas of life. I have no doubt that reading God Has an App for That will be an important milestone in the lives of Christian men and women everywhere.  
Charles E. Blake
Presiding Bishop, Church of God in Christ;
Senior Pastor, West Angeles Church of God in Christ, Los Angeles, California (

My friend Dudley has written a masterpiece of practical wisdom from a biblical perspective that will transform your life. It’s simple, relevant and effective. This is one of those treasures that under-promises and over-delivers!
Dale C. Bronner
Author and Senior Pastor, Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral, Atlanta Georgia (

In a rapidly changing, distracted and disrupted world, God Has an App for That is a brilliant reminder that God’s message of hope cuts through the clutter and reaches us all—if we’ll just stop and listen. Dudley Rutherford gets today’s culture, and this book is a brilliant answer.
Phil Cooke
Filmmaker and Media Consultant (
Author, Jolt: Get the Jump on a World That's Constantly Changing 

In God Has an App for That, Pastor Dudley Rutherford brilliantly brings the timeless wisdom of the Bible to life in the context of apps to show you that whatever your situation, God has an app to heal, educate and encourage you! A brilliant must-read.
Thomas N. Ellsworth
Co-founder, Premier Digital Publishing
Former CEO, GoTV Networks

Helpful. Insightful. Relevant. If you are searching for assistance to help you through some of life’s problems, then God Has An App for That! Every person at some point of life needs what this book has to offer. Get it. Read it. Share it.
Ronnie W. Floyd
Senior Pastor, Cross Church, Northwest Arkansas (
Author, Our Last Great Hope

Allow me to begin by saying that you should read everything Dudley Rutherford writes! He is a most exceptional and insightful pastor—one of the most anointed I have met. In God Has an App for That, he brings the book of James to life and provides real answers to the biggest obstacles you may encounter in your Christian walk. If you have searched for lasting solutions in our fast-paced, technologically advanced world, you will not be disappointed by this wonderful book. Become immersed in God's apps and find encouragement and enrichment for your soul!
Jim Garlow
Senior Pastor, Skyline Wesleyan Church, San Diego, California (

If you’re up to “alert, alive, creative and on target,” you’re ready for Dudley Rutherford. But be sure of this: He’s about what’s real, not only what’s up. And when he talks about God, you are hearing about God’s heart from a trustworthy shepherd of souls! I urge you to connect with him—and this book is a great way to start.
Jack W. Hayford
President, The King’s University, Van Nuys, California (

I have known Dudley Rutherford for the past 10 years and have been greatly influenced, inspired and challenged by his ministry. Based on timeless principles found in the book of James, this book will cause your love for God to deepen and compel you to becoming the person He has created you to be. Enjoy downloading these relevant and practical truths, and then experience the blessings they bring to your life.
Kevin Jordan
Team Chaplain, Pittsburgh Steelers (

If you, like me, are looking for smart ways to dig out from the avalanche of daily “got-to’s,” “have-to’s” and “need to’s,” then this is the book for you. It’s not one more thing to add to some list—it’s the thing that will help you strategically eliminate the noise in your list so you can focus on what’s really important . . . and, ultimately, eternal. Because, as Dudley says, “God has an app for that.”
Frank Pastore
Host, The Frank Pastore Show (

Pastor Dudley is a visionary leader/teacher who has availed his life to advancing God’s kingdom and His people in the most innovative ways. In a time where so many are faced with inexplicable challenges, this timely book reminds us that God, in His incomprehensible love for us all, “has an app for that.” I’ve downloaded the app . . . and now I’m ready and armed to skillfully use it. 
Danita Patterson
Writer and Award-winning Producer
Founder, Destiny Unlimited, Inc. and Destiny Outreach, Inc.

While I haven’t kept up with all the latest technology, I know the value of Scripture to solve personal and spiritual problems in the twenty-first century. In the pages that follow, Dudley has compiled a clever, readable and helpful book that speaks to the heart of Christians and seekers and provides practical, biblical insights to help us contend with today’s challenges and stresses.
Bob Russell
Retired Senior Minister, Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, Kentucky (

God Has an App for That is filled with help for life’s dilemmas. Dudley shares downloadable directions that can transform your life. Apply them today!
Dave Stone
Senior Minister, Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, Kentucky (

Pastor Dudley Rutherford is uniquely gifted in finding the profundity in simplicity and making it simplistically profound. He makes the eternal Word of God as relevant and user friendly as your latest download. In God Has an App for That, Dudley addresses some of the tough issues common to all of us with relevant revelations of practical truth. His scholarship is so effectively woven within the fabric of practicality that you will be unaware that you are on a journey of positive change until you realize your spiritual hard drive has been reprogrammed with eternal truth. Put this work on your homepage, click the icon on your wallpaper, and expect God to upgrade your life! 
Kenneth C. Ulmer
Senior Pastor/Teacher, Faithful Central Bible Church, Los Angeles, California (
Past President, The King’s University,
Presiding Bishop, Macedonia International Bible Fellowship

We all face challenges, and we all have issues. In his practical, easy-to-read style, Dudley has written a book that can help everyone! We loved the stories and the clear biblical direction. God really does have an app for every part of our life, so pick up this great book for yourself and your friends!
Philip and Holly Wagner
Co-pastors, Oasis Church, Los Angeles, California (

Dudley brings years of insight and wisdom to major life issues we all face. God Has an App for That is full of helpful content and life-changing application. This is an awesome, practical guide for the real stuff of life. Highly recommended!
Jud Wilhite
Senior Pastor, Central Christian Church, Las Vegas, Nevada (
Author, Torn and Throw It Down